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Harnessing technologies for environmental sustainability

Loop Recyclers Tech was founded in Lagos, Nigeria by physician, entrepreneur and environment advocate, Collins Akumabor. His motivation came from seeing the adverse effects of pollution on human health and the ecosystem with inefficient interventions. He envisioned a seamless waste management system combining reverse vending machine (RVM) technology, AI enabled bins and GPS smart trucks to achieve a circular economy. Strategic collaborations involve specialists in spatial data mapping to guide the field team in environmental impact assessment, community education and installation of RVMs.

At Loop Recyclers Tech, we are committed to being your number one source for all your recycling needs. We strive to provide a holistic solution to recycling, leveraging existing technologies and collaborating with a network of specialists.

Our mission is to process your materials in a safe, non-hazardous manner — with an aim to keep the world  clean. Since 2021, we have provided environmentally friendly recycling advocacy and solutions for the Lagos metropolis. As your preferred recycling center, we believe in promoting smart recycling habits in order to achieve long lasting results.

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