Our business model

Here to Keep the World Clean

Education and behavior change are the crux of achieving a closed loop and circular economy. Our model combines spatial data on pollution sites to map out the locations for community education on the environment, smart waste management and recycling. This is followed up with the deployment of reverse vending machines for recycling and smart bins for interested customers.

At Loop Recyclers Tech, all of your recycling needs are made easy. If you want to deposit materials ranging from metals, paper, electronics and plastics — you name it, we do it! From cardboard boxes to plastic bottles, our state-of-the-art facilities are prepared to handle large volumes on a daily basis. We utilize reverse vending machine technology at strategic locations with incentives for clients; the main incentive being the reward of our collective responsibility towards the environment with the positive impact on our health and ecosystem. Our AI enabled smart bins are perfect for home and office use, synchronizing with GPS enabled trucks available to serve you at the click of a button.

Have questions about separating your materials, or not sure if we accept a specific type of material? Our professional and knowledgeable staff is available on-site or by phone to assist with any questions. Get in touch today and see how we can help!